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Signature & Avatar Guidelines

Postby cprice12 » Fri Feb 21, 2003 2:50 pm

If you choose to use an image in your signature, please keep the size of the image at no larger than 600x150 (500 wide x 150 high) pixels and have a file size of no larger than 50k. If your image/images are larger than 600x150 or havea file size larger than 50k, you will be asked to reduce the size of your image or images, or a moderator could choose to delete it without notice.

The reason why we ask you keep signature images at this size or smaller, is because larger images can mess up the formating of the forum which could be annoying to a lot of users. It also slows down the page load time, especially for those on a dial-up connection.

If you choose to use an avatar, please keep the avatar at no larger than 100x100 pixels with a maximum file size of 30k. If your avatar is larger than 100x100 or 30k in file size, you will be asked to reduce it in size or a moderator could choose to delete it without notice.
In accordance with the forum guidelines, any images that contain nudity, considered vulgar or determined innapropriate by the forum staff will NOT be allowed in a signature or avatar and may be removed by LGB staff.

All avatars and signatures deemed provocative or suggestive by the LGB Staff will no longer be allowed. The reason behind this decision is that many LGB members view the site at work. We have heard quite a few people mention they can't view the site at work because of these suggestive or provocative avatars and signatures.

We apologize if this upsets anyone, but we are trying to make the site friendly for the work place, and certain images just can't be allowed to stay if that is our goal.

We will be removing any avatars and signatures that we deem inappropriate. If you are thinking of using an image and you have to think about whether or not it will be allowed...chances are it won't.

Thank you for your cooperation.


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