Lets fire erryone and hire a gigantic asshole!!

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Re: Lets fire erryone and hire a gigantic asshole!!

Postby Oaklandblue » Sun Jun 02, 2013 2:22 pm

Why is it that, while I am sitting here and reading through comments, that I keep thinking to myself that Lindy Ruff is available.
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Re: Lets fire erryone and hire a gigantic asshole!!

Postby theohall » Sat Jun 08, 2013 1:47 am

glen a richter wrote:Oh I have no doubt that if Perron and Stewart were playing in a different system they'd score with incredible consistency. Backes maybe Backes, he's proven he can score on this team and just had an off year. The difference is Backes is a guy who will crash the net and score the shit goals, kind of like Walt. Stewart is a pansy and Perron is a figure skating douche who will score some highlight reel goals but not with the frequency we need him to, AND not get back on defense when necessary. The best thing for both of them (Perron and Stewart) is to play somewhere else. Or, get a new coach with a hybrid style, as you mention, and watch them light up the scoreboard nightly. We have the personnel to score goals, but we don't have the system to score goals, so it's either stick with Hitch and win low scoring games with regularity, or sack Hitch and hope his replacement puts in a viable system that we can score, not give up too many goals and win games when we need to win games. I just think adding anyone who's supposed to be a pure scorer will not help this team one bit. He'll cost too much in terms of money and/or prospects, prevent the team from re-signing the players who need to be re-signed (Pie, Shatty) and set this team back. Again, we have the personnel, we just don't have the system. The way they're situated now, I just see more of the same. Good regular season, short visit to the playoffs, excessively long off-season. Adding a prolific goalscorer won't change that.

I doubt Stewart does crap anywhere. Every team today expects forwards to actually play defense. Stewart flat out does not. At least Perron works in the defensive zone vice standing between the top of the circle and the blueline watching the D-man and Center getting crushed in the corner while doing nothing. This happened way too often for my comfort. I would be ecstatic if someone offered Stewart an RFA contract, the Blues let him go for whatever picks, and the Blues replaced him with Jaskin/Rattie - since Tarasenko will be taking AMAc's spot.
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