Blues Acquire Jordan Leopold

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Re: Blues Acquire Jordan Leopold

Postby DaDitka » Mon Apr 01, 2013 8:03 am

theohall wrote:While Chris Stewart is great when he is scoring, he is an absolute liability on the ice when he is not. Is he ever held accountable for not scoring? I have never seen it, since he has joined the Blues.

Perron - we have all seen his play this season. Is he ever demoted to the 4th line?

Recently, Stewart joins Backes line and suddenly Backes sucks defensively. A few games later, Stewart is put on a line with Berglund. What happens? 3 GA against later from that line alone, Berglund gets demoted to the 4th line.

Yes, it is a good question. Who is holding players responsible for their play? It is supposed to be the coach. I'd like to hear Hitch is bag-skating every player who winds up -2 or more in a game. Or at least see the "star" scorer who isn't scoring forced to play with the crappy ice time while the 4th liner who works gets the "star" time. That should send a message. Unfortunately, I doubt we will see this happen, because Hitch has a "more modern" mentality now.

Great post.

Originally was very - very against any 'blame the coach' speak yet again, but as theohall points out...where is the accountability? Everyone has been calling for DP to sit all year, I've actually felt Backes has been terrible defensively all year (I KNOW he has been at every game I've attended) yet he still leads the team in ice time. Great point above on Stewart, he got to Bergie's line and Patric is the one getting demoted? He's been our second best back checking forward this year .....17 is #1.

Hell, even the golden boy Oshie has not been his usual 110% self and there has been no ramifications.

Sit DP one game, make the 42 & 74 line the second line for a game and put Stewart on the third or fourth line.....just for one game even.........try something. Apparently Hitch's holding hands and singing around the camp fire approach isn't reaching anyone.

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Re: Blues Acquire Jordan Leopold

Postby Kreegz2 » Mon Apr 01, 2013 10:38 am

If Hitch didn't sit Perron after that game that he took 3 offensive zone penalties including that ridiculously embarrassing dive, then I don't know what it will take for one of the top 9 to actually get benched.
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