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How To Listen To The Show

What is a podcast?

A podcast is just a fancy name for an audio file (.mp3) that has been uploaded to the internet for people to listen to.

How Can I Listen to the Show?

You can listen to the show a few different ways...

You can listen here at, or you can subscribe to the show and get new episodes sent to your Podcast player on your computer, smartphone or tablet.

  1. Listen Here
    • Simply visit and click play next to the episode you want to listen to.
  2. Subscribe & Listen Through a Player on Your PC
    • You can subscribe to our show feed so you get the shows delivered to your podcast player on your computer (iTunes, Winamp, Juice, etc.).  Just open your podcast player and search for the show in the Podcast section.  If it doesn't come up, you can usually add it manually.  The show feed URL is:
  3. Smartphone/Tablet
    • There are many podcast apps for Android & iPhone.  Search Google Play or Apple App Store.  For Android, I prefer BeyondPod.  We should be listed in their directory before too long, but you can always add the show manually.  Stitcher is also a popular one.

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