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Oshie Misses Practice; Fans Speculate

Blues young star T.J. Oshie was MIA at practice Monday morning and Head Coach Davis Payne did not seem to be okay with his absence.

Payne called Oshie’s absence “unexcused” and is meeting with GM Doug Armstrong tomorrow to discuss an appropriate punishment.

Oshie’s teammate Patrik Berglund slept in once last season, causing him to miss a team practice.  His punishment was being a healthy scratch for the Blues’ next game.  A similar punishment is expected for Oshie.

Oshie has posted 10 goals, 20 assists and 30 points in 44 games this season.  He missed 31 games earlier this season with a fractured ankle.

Oshie’s unexcused absence has left fans speculating over his whereabouts during the Blues’ 10:30 am practice at St. Louis Mills., one of the world’s largest social media websites, has been an outlet for fans to give their thoughts on Oshie’s disappearance.  Using the hashtag #WhereIsOshie, fans chatted all day about the missing hockey player.  Here are some reasonable explanations for his absence:

@uablade: In columbus. RUN NASH RUN!

@CrossCheckRaise:  Was offered the weekday drivetime slot in yet another shakeup of STL sports radio...

@klown0420:  He's at Charlie Sheen's house learning about [winning]

@muymanwell:  justin bieber look-alike contest

@jhm5150:  Oshie is back in 1955 making sure his grandparents hook up so his parents could hook up so he could be born.

@jponder94:  Maybe he is at the salon.

@BluesMay:  having dos Equis with 'the worlds most interesting man'

@DanGNR:  Trying to escape fire swamp, then off to find the man w/ 6 fingers. Once the man w/ 6 finders is found? He will get Oshied.

@ChrisDF0:  On the roof of a hotel in Vegas

@dgregson:  trying to get 3 stars on all levels of [Angry Birds]

@HawksBearsCubs:  Building a Trojan Horse to sneak the Blues into the playoffs.


                        Filing those TPS reports for Lumbergh.

@FrozenNotes:  Climbing in your windows, snatching your people up.

So there you have it.  The possibilities are endless.

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