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PETITION: Dear St. Louis Blues: Do NOT Re-Sign Brewer

Sign the petition!  Do NOT resign Eric Brewer!We have started a petition that, if enough signatures aregathered, will be passed along to St. Louis Blues team President, John Davidson and team General Manager, Doug Armstrong.


Brewer's contract is up after this season and there have been rumblings that suggest the Blues are interested in re-signing the underachieving, often-injured defenseman.

As a supporter of the St. Louis Blues, you have a right to voice your opinion.

Spread the Word!This is not personal, it's business.  I am sure Eric Brewer is a good guy off the ice, but the bottom line is that Blues fans deserve a winner and we strongly feel that Eric Brewer is not an ingredient in the Blues recipe for success and is actually standing in the way of the Blues becoming a better hockey club.

Please sign the petition to let the St. Louis Blues organization know that you do NOT want them to re-sign Eric Brewer.

You can read the petition below, and then go HERE to sign the petition.

Want to help spread the word?
  • Go on other discussion forums and post a link to this page
  • Print and post the flyer at your workplace, at Scottrade Center, etc.
  • Post a link to this page on Facebook
  • Tweet it
  • Add a DO NOT Re-Sign Eric Brewer link button on your website and/or your online discussion forum signatures by inserting this code:

    <a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" alt="DO NOT Re-Sign Eric Brewer Petition" width="223" height="93" border="0" /></a>
  • Word of mouth

(You'll need a Twitter account to sign the petition.  This helps make the online petition process slightly more legitimate as opposed to anonymous signatures used on other online petitions.  Twitter accounts are free and you can get one at




Eric Brewer has been a defenseman with the St. Louis Blues since the ‘05-’06 season and is in the last year of his contract that pays him $4.5 million this year with a cap hit of $4.25 million.

Prior to this season, his stats with the Blues were:
GP: 278
Goals: 22
Assists: 59
+/-: -76

Eric Brewer’s CBS Sports’ Rankings:
92nd best defensive defenseman
207th best tough guy
188th best offensive defenseman
685th best clutch scorer

The only time the Blues made the playoffs in the five seasons Brewer has been with the team, was in ‘08-’09 when he only played 28 games to start the season before getting hurt. At that point the Blues were one of the worst teams in the NHL. In the 2nd half of that season (without Brewer in the lineup) the Blues got on a roll and made an unbelievable run to make the playoffs.
Brewer returned to the lineup in the ‘09-’10 season and the Blues fell short of expectations and missed the playoffs yet again.

Brewer has a combined +/- rating of minus 76 over his time in St. Louis, which includes seasons of minus 14 and minus 17 when the Blues had pretty good goaltending. His minus 14 +/- rating came in ‘08-’09 in only 28 games played.

He struggles in his role as a defensive defenseman, he rarely contributes points on the scoreboard and he rarely plays a physical game and he frequently mishandles the puck and/or makes poor decisions with the puck in key situations.

Brewer has had injury problems with St. Louis as well. In three of his years here he only played in 32, 28 & 59 games.

According to Brewer’s teammates and the organization, Brewer is a great leader and has the support of his teammates. Seeing how Brewer behaves behind closed doors is impossible for fans, so they have to take the team’s word for it. But I don’t think a lot of fans care how Brewer is in the locker room. They want results on the ice. With Brewer currently captaining the Blues, he needs to lead by example on the ice, and he just hasn’t done that. His poor stats and severely inconsistent play back that up.

Over his time in St. Louis, Eric Brewer has been one of the most disappointing players on the ice.

Rumors are swirling that the St. Louis Blues are wanting to extend Brewer’s contract.

There are a lot of pretty good defensemen that make around what Eric Brewer is making. See:

The Blues would be much better off by NOT resigning Eric Brewer in the offseason and looking to upgrade at that position via free agency, or by promoting from within. Or better yet, if someone else wants Brewer’s services, trade him at the deadline for a prospect or a draft pick.

Please sign the petition if you do not want the Blues to extend Brewer’s contract.


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